Work Speeds Ahead on Replacing Century-Old Bridges With Tunnel

Gov. Addresses Shakeup at RIDOT

Mon July 27, 2015 - Northeast Edition

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) Gov. Gina Raimondo said the Rhode Island Department of Transportation director has determined the agency needs a new team.

RIDOT recently placed three top engineers, including the chief engineer, on paid leave pending an administrative review.

Raimondo said July 21 Director Peter Alviti found the agency needs “some new faces and a new team,” as part of an ongoing organizational review.

Raimondo didn’t say whether the engineers would return.

When asked, she said people must be held accountable and Rhode Islanders deserve safe, functional bridges.

Raimondo spokeswoman Joy Fox said the governor couldn’t say more because it’s a personnel issue.

Raimondo said she inherited a poorly run transportation department. She chose a new director and commissioned the review.

Bridge inspections are being accelerated.

Raimondo proposes tolling trucks to fund bridge repairs.