Gov. Strickand Cuts Programs Using Rainy Day Funds

Thu September 25, 2008 - Midwest Edition

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Gov. Ted Strickland has again thwarted the Legislature’s intent to use part of the state’s $1.1 billion rainy day fund to pay for programs outside what he sees as appropriate use for the money.

Strickland, in signing the $1.3 billion construction and budget correction bill on June 24, vetoed about $18 million the Legislature marked for programs such as child support, children’s immunization and prevention, and aid to the Ohio schools for the deaf and the blind.

On June 13, Strickland struck down $200 million lawmakers tried to raid from the fund as part of a $1.57 billion economic stimulus plan. He said uncertainty over projections in the state’s two-year budget makes raiding the fund unwise.