Ground Hog 2500 Scraper Casts Shadow on Traditional Buckets

Mon September 22, 2008 - National Edition

The new Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment moves three to four times the payload of traditional buckets, while tackling the extra weight with ease. When combined with compact power units, the 2.5 cu. yd. (1.9 cu m) heaped-capacity Ground Hog 2500 delivers the rugged reliability of a small self-propelled tracked earthmover and the maneuverability of a skid steer — all with reduced mobilization costs.

Designed for use with 70 plus hp (52 kW) compact track loaders or skid steers with steel tracks, the Ground Hog 2500 is mounted to the universal quick attach plate of its power unit.

The Ground Hog is engineered to utilize its power unit for traction and hydraulics only, as its oscillating front beam and large caster shoulders the larger portion of the weight, while minimizing any stress to the loader arms.

Highly suited to applications such as finish grading, backfilling curbs and retaining walls, spreading topsoil, stripping sod, fine grading building pads, and much more — the Ground Hog’s front oscillating beam allows 38 degrees of rotation, for uniform cuts even when operating on uneven ground.

The larger volume payload and operational ease of the Ground Hog 2500 is ensured via several key engineering and design features: 1) The Ground Hog is rolling the weight, not carrying it like a bucket, with the front caster wheels tackling the largest portion of weight; 2) A safety chain prevents the operator from accidentally lifting the loader arms off the stops of the bulkhead, preventing any unwanted stress; 3) All scraper functions are controlled by the low-flow auxiliary hydraulics, with no boom controls needed; 4) The universal mounting plate is secured to a heavy-duty rear pivoting axle assembly that allows the scraper to float independent of the power unit.

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