Grouser Products Launches Pivoting V3 Flex Plane

Fri April 19, 2013 - National Edition

Grouser Products’ V3 FlexPlane is the manufacturer’s latest in a series of heavy duty, contractor-grade attachments. Grouser’s V3 FlexPlane is designed to attach to any make and model of skid steer.

The heavy-duty V3 FlexPlane features a versatile self-adjusting blade that rotates to contour to uneven terrain. Designed for high productivity, it features two double-beveled hardened cutting edges.

Built with heavy-duty, contractor-grade materials and components, the V3 FlexPlane is designed for low maintenance and long product life and is offered in five models of varying length. Available sizes are 72-, 78-, 84-, 89-, and 96-in. (183, 198, 213, 226 and 244 cm).

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