Hartmann-Hirschman Award Goes to Northern Con-Agg President

Fri March 02, 2007 - National Edition

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) recently recognized Edward A. “Ed” Egan, president of Northern Con-Agg Inc., with the Hartmann-Hirschman Award.

During an awards presentation during the 2006 ACPA Annual Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Don Beuerlein, Koss Construction Company, recognized Egan for his leadership and unwavering dedication to the concrete pavement industry. Beuerlein was the 2004 Hartmann-Hirschman Award recipient.

The Hartmann-Hirschman Award, which recognizes individuals or companies/organizations for excellence and meritorious service to the concrete pavement industry, is one of the awards presented by the American Concrete Pavement Association.

During more than 35 years of involvement with ACPA, Egan had served in many volunteer roles at the state and national association levels. He had served as chairman of the Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota for three separate terms. He also served as chairman of the ACPA board of directors in 1986, as well as other positions within the leadership ranks.

Soon after his tenure as chairman at ACPA, Egan became secretary/treasurer of the association, a role he had continued to fill without interruption for two decades. He had served in this role longer than any other person in the history of ACPA.

The leadership role he continues to fill today is a tribute to his unwavering dedication to the mission and overall financial health and stability of the association.

He played a pivotal role in two major association transitions during the years. He also led the association through many key decision points, including the selection of chief executives, funding issues, and legislative matters.

Egan “is the association’s lighthouse in the midst of heavy weather, always available with a wise, workable solution to any problem,” Beuerlein said.

“He is calm under pressure and always shows a tremendous sense of intelligence, as well as equal amounts of common sense, practicality, integrity, and strength of character.

“People who are fortunate enough to count him as a friend know that beneath his quiet demeanor and soft-spoken exterior, he is a person fiercely loyal to the industry as the people he cherishes most. While he has had many roles in the industry during his career, it’s safe to say that within him beats the heart of a contractor.”

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