Heatec Expands Its Services for the Asphalt Industry

Tue April 05, 2011 - National Edition

The Blythe Construction emulsion plant in Charlotte, N.C.
The Blythe Construction emulsion plant in Charlotte, N.C.
The Blythe Construction emulsion plant in Charlotte, N.C. The C.W. Matthews asphalt terminal at Rockmart, Ga.

Heatec, an Astec Industries Company located in Chattanooga, Tenn., has expanded its services for the asphalt industry. The company has become heavily involved in building new asphalt storage terminals and asphalt emulsion plants. Heatec now does major mechanical design and electrical engineering work for these facilities in addition to building much of the equipment.

The company displayed scale models of a typical emulsion plant and asphalt terminal at the ConExpo show in March to draw attention to its expanded services.

The company has just completed an asphalt emulsion plant for Blythe Construction in North Carolina. And it recently completed an asphalt terminal for C.W. Matthews in Rockmart, Ga. The company currently is building a terminal for Municipal Contracting in Nova Scotia, Canada, and another for Century Asphalt in Baytown, Texas.

Heatec provides the following systems and equipment:

• Hot oil heating system

• Piping system

• Electrical power system

• Tank car unloading system

• Barge unloading system

• Tank truck load-out station

• Polymer blending system

• Computerized controls

• Asphalt storage tanks

• Fuel storage tanks

Heatec designs and builds most of the equipment at its factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. It also assists with on-site installation at plants and terminals.

The company was originally formed in 1972 and soon began to design and fabricate asphalt storage tanks for Astec HMA plants. Astec Industries bought the company in 1977 and it became known officially as Heatec. Subsequent growth included designing and building heaters for numerous other companies engaged in manufacturing and processing, including the oil and gas industry.