Hilti Pipe Lasers Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Sun February 26, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

For precise sloped pipe applications, the Hilti PP 10 and PP 11 pipe lasers provide fast and accurate positioning and alignment of pipe segments. Waterproof up to 16 ft. for up to 24 hrs., the PP 10 and PP 11 can withstand extreme weather conditions and outlast difficult job site conditions, according to the manufacturer.

Equipped with a high-powered red or green laser beam, the PP 10 and PP 11 pipe lasers can be remotely operated up to 610 ft. away from the tool. Both tools can be mounted inside or on top of a pipe, on a tripod or in a man hole.

The PP 10 and PP 11 pipe lasers come standard with a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged from an outlet or from a car battery with an optional cable, or can be operated using four “D” cell alkaline batteries.

The PP 11 green laser includes an auto alignment function for making beam alignment fast and easy, according to the manufacturer. The desired grade percent of the beam can be entered on the keypad with three decimal place precision.

Hilti will introduce the PT 10 quick check, a quick and reliable way to check the Hilti measuring tool. The PP 10 and PP 11 pipe lasers also are offered through Hilti’s Fleet Management program for a fixed monthly payment for four years that includes unlimited repairs and calibrations at no additional cost.

For more information, call 800/879-8000 or visit www.us.hilti.com