Hitachi Introduces Three New Zaxis Dash 5 Excavators

Tue April 17, 2012 - National Edition
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The new ZX160LC-5 replaces the ZX160LC-3, and the ZX210-5 and ZX210LC-5 replace the ZX200LC-3 — all introduced in 2007.
The new ZX160LC-5 replaces the ZX160LC-3, and the ZX210-5 and ZX210LC-5 replace the ZX200LC-3 — all introduced in 2007.

The Zaxis-5 Series has been developed by the design centre at Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. (HCM) in Japan. Yusuke Kajita, general manager of HCM’s Construction Equipment Development Centre, is responsible for the team of 200 engineers behind the new medium-sized excavators.

“We develop new machines, concepts and specifications in accordance with customer and market requirements,” said Kajita. “For example, the Zaxis-5 has better fuel efficiency, lower noise levels, and excellent comfort.”

These three new Hitachi excavators — the ZX160LC-5, ZX210-5 and ZX210LC-5 — are particularly useful on urban job sites, not only because of their size but for their cleaner and more powerful operation as well. The powerful new-generation Isuzu EPA IT4/Stage IIIB-compliant engines deliver higher productivity with continued great fuel efficiency. A muffler filter helps reduce emissions by capturing air pollutants. And auto shutdown enhances fuel consumption, and reduces noise, exhaust emissions and carbon dioxide.

Machine Specifics

The new ZX160LC-5 replaces the ZX160LC-3, and the ZX210-5 and ZX210LC-5 replace the ZX200LC-3 — all introduced in 2007. The ZX210LC-5’s undercarriage is 12 in. (30.5 cm) longer than the 210 and supports a greater lifting capacity. The Isuzu AI-4JJ1 engine used in the ZX160LC-5 generates 121 hp (90 kW); the ZX210-5 and 210LC-5’s Isuzu 4HK1 engine generates 159 hp (119 kW).

Clean, Powerful Isuzu Engines

The powerful Isuzu diesel engines employ a cooled exhaust gas-recirculation (EGR) platform paired with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet EPA IT4/EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations. These easy-to-maintain engines require no special additional fluids — just ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and CJ-4 engine oil. The DPF is replaced at 4,500 hours by a Hitachi dealer.

Excellent Hydraulics Put the Operator in Control

Productive hydraulics and outstanding multifunction operation are a Hitachi tradition. Multiple sensors instantly feed automatic micro-adjustments for increased hydraulic power to maintain steady, sure movements. Short-throw, low-effort controls, unmatched metering, and smooth multifunction operation provide finesse and precision when they’re needed, according to the manufacturer.

Three work modes allow an operator to choose a digging style that fits the job. high productivity (HP) delivers more power and faster hydraulic response. Power (P) delivers a balance of power, speed, and fuel economy for normal operation. And economy (E) maximizes fuel efficiency while delivering an enhanced level of productivity.

Roomy Cab With a View

The spacious cab features a wider door with more glass, more side-to-side foot room, a more comfortable high-back seat with increased slide range, and a new easy-to-read and easy-to-operate multifunction monitor. Among other things, the multi-language LCD monitor tracks scheduled maintenance and reminders. It even provides diagnostic codes to assist in troubleshooting. Just dial and tap to select radio stations, monitor maintenance intervals, set cab temperature, and more. The monitor also includes an attachment support system, with 11 modes that can be displayed to help fit different attachments.

Narrow front cab posts, large overhead glass, and numerous mirrors, including one on the counterweight, provide excellent all-around visibility. The low rear-hood profile makes it easier to check for activity behind the cab.

Special features such as a heated air-suspension seat, additional lighting, and a rearview camera are optional. Other options include control pattern change valve; wide variety of track widths, arm lengths, bucket sizes; high-flow auxiliary hydraulic packages; and more. Local Hitachi dealers can even add iPod connectivity.


Welded bulkheads within the boom resist torsional stress for unsurpassed durability. Booms, arms, and mainframes are so tough, they’re warranted for three years or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first.

Tungsten-carbide-coated wear surfaces protect the all-important bucket-to-arm joint. Reinforced resin thrust plates, grooved bushings, and thermal-coated bucket joints increase arm- and boom-lube intervals to 500 hours. Oil impregnated HN bushings enhance durability and extend grease intervals to 500 hours for the arm and-boom joint, 100 hours for the bucket joint. Reinforced D-channel side frames provide maximum cab and component protection.


As for maintenance, Hitachi makes it easy. Vertical spin-on fuel and engine oil filters simplify service and help minimize messes. Filters and checkpoints are conveniently grouped. Easy-to-reach centralized lube banks help make greasing less messy and time-consuming.

There is easy access for cleaning the condenser and radiator, and replacing consumable parts. And the placement of the cooling package in parallel also aids the cleaning process

Easy-to-check sight gauges and fluid reservoirs, quick-change remote-mounted vertical filters, and extended engine and hydraulic oil-service intervals minimize downtime for periodic maintenance.

All ZX Dash-5 excavators come standard-equipped with three years of ZXLink Ultimate, enabling 24/7 online access to machine location, health, utilization, fuel consumption, and other valuable information for better understanding of costs and job site performance. Using ZXLink and the in-cab diagnostic monitor, scheduled maintenance intervals and trouble codes are easy to access.

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