Hoist Controls Available on J&J Dump Truck Bodies

Tue July 10, 2007 - National Edition

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a division of Somerset Welding & Steel Inc. and a manufacturer of dump bodies, trailers, and specialty truck equipment, is installing True Feather hoist controls on its commercial dump truck bodies.

Air feather valves are popular mechanisms to raise and lower the hoist on commercial dump bodies. In the past, controlling the speed or “feathering” the hoist with standard air feather valves when raising and lowering the dump body was often difficult and prone to unpredictable hoist behavior, according to the company.

The new True Feather option allows the operator to have better control over the speed of the hoist to slow the descent of the body, gradually reducing the impact shock to the hydraulic system as well as the mechanical shock to the hoist, body and chassis.

This new option is especially useful to pavers and contractors who need precise control over material flow in the unloading process. From a maintenance standpoint, True Feather components are not prone to bind cables or freeze shifter spools on the pump that is common with cable controls in inclement weather.

For more information, call 814/444-3452 or visit www.jjbodies.com.