Hydrema Names Louisiana Machinery New Dealer

Wed June 09, 2010 - Southeast Edition

Jerry Edwards (L), general machines sales manager chats with Arnold Rezac, new machines sales manager.
Jerry Edwards (L), general machines sales manager chats with Arnold Rezac, new machines sales manager.

Hydrema Inc. a supplier of high-technology, earth-moving equipment, announced that Louisiana Machinery will be an authorized dealer of the Hydrema 912HM-model dump truck in Louisiana. A Caterpillar dealer with 21 locations throughout the state, Louisiana Machinery is well-positioned to promote the 912HM to its customer base, according to Hydrema.

“Louisiana Machinery’s reputation and its extensive presence throughout the state made the company the ideal choice for a dealer relationship,” said Kresten Binder, executive vice president of Hydrema, U.S. “And because the 912HM has been part of their rental fleet, they’ve had first-hand experience with the model’s unique features and are able to communicate that value to their customers.”

Introduced this year, the 912HM offers a level of versatility rarely seen in a dump truck. With its articulated pivot steer chassis, the 912HM is able to travel off road and onto work sites that other trucks can’t reach. Once onsite, it features a low turning radius and side-dumping capabilities that allow it to perform in tight spaces. The chassis design also minimizes ground contact while maintaining traction at all times, enhancing operator safety and making it an ideal vehicle for rough terrain or delicate surfaces, according to the manufacturer.

In addition to performance and safety, the 912HM’s design takes the operator’s comfort into consideration with a completely re-designed cab suspension system and cruise control.

About The Hydrema Group

A/S Hydrema is a modern, international group of companies that develops, manufactures and markets high-technology earth-moving equipment that is headquartered in Støvring, Denmark. The Hydrema Group is a major supplier of high-output hydraulic earth-moving equipment capable of undertaking a wide variety of field engineering tasks.

For more information, visit www.hydrema.com.

About Louisiana Machinery

Headquartered in Reserve, La., Louisiana Machinery is a full-line Caterpillar dealer.

For more information, visit www.louisianamachinery.com.