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Hyster Company Unveils Next Generation

Fri January 21, 2011 - National Edition

The Hyster E30-40XN series delivers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. (1,361 to 1,814 kg).
The Hyster E30-40XN series delivers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. (1,361 to 1,814 kg).

Hyster Company has unveiled its next generation of electric lift trucks. The new Hyster E30-40XN series delivers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. (1,361 to 1,814 kg) and offers significant performance and versatility for a wide variety of material handling applications.

“The E30-40XN series is one of the most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks in the world,” said Brett Schemerhorn, vice president of dealer sales, Hyster Company. “It sets a new standard in electric lift trucks by lowering overall operating costs and energy consumption while maximizing productivity. You can count on this workhorse to get the job done.”

The series includes:

• newly designed, operator compartments

• sixteen percent more floor space

• relocated multifunction displays that ensure enhanced visibility and precise pallet control

• improved brake pedal layout

• auto deceleration system, which reduces operator fatigue

• steel hood that provides for maximum battery service access

By utilizing AC motors and transistor controller technology for both the traction and hydraulic systems, Hyster has reduced the frequency and cost of maintenance. The Hyster-designed thermal management system continuously monitors the E30-40XN series’ controller and motor temperature and, upon identifying irregularity, the system protects the component by automatically adjusting truck performance, according to the manufacturer.

According to the VDI Energy Cycle Standardized Test, the E30-40XN series consumes the lowest amount of energy when compared to similar lift trucks. As an additional benefit to reducing the environmental impact, better energy utilization results in increased savings and return on investment.

“This is a tough, smart and purpose-built lift truck,” Schemerhorn said. “It’s what you expect from Hyster.”

About Hyster Company

Based in Greenville, N.C., Hyster Company offers 130 models configured for gasoline, LPG, diesel and electric power, with a capacity range from 2,000 to 115,000 lbs.

Hyster Company is an operating division of NACCO Materials Handling Group Inc. (NMHG), which employs approximately 4,500 people worldwide. NMHG is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NACCO Industries Inc. (NYSE:NC).