Ingersoll Rand Adds HP60CMH to Onboard Power Solutions

Mon December 03, 2007 - National Edition

Ingersoll Rand now offers a hydraulic-drive, truck-mounted air compressor that delivers free air at 60 cu. ft. per minute (1.7 cu m) at a rated operating pressure of 150 psi.

The HP60CMH air compressor is part of the Ingersoll Rand Onboard Power Solutions line and is designed to be mounted on standard-sized utility body trucks. Powered by the hydraulic system on the truck, the HP60CMH requires only 18.1 gal. (68.5 L) per minute of hydraulic flow at 2,295 psi hydraulic pressure to maintain full load, continuous duty operation.

This truck-mounted air compressor module offers versatility for utility or service trucks that have hydraulic flow available. This unit will run light air tools, as well as larger pneumatic tools such as 50-lb. (22.7 kg) breakers, at 100 percent continuous duty.

Service panels are conveniently located to reach the most important components. The oil change process is simplified by a remote compressor drain and a no-spill, spin-on separator element and oil filter.

Ingersoll RAnd provides an air / oil separation system integrally designed into the compressor, eliminating the need for an air / oil separator tank. Because there is no separator tank, the unit is smaller and lighter than other comparable products, according to the manufacturer.

The unit comes with several features that enhance the performance of the overall hydraulic system that operates the unit. Built-in hydraulic cooling simplifies the driving hydraulic circuit and allows the unit to run continuously at full load with no downtime for the system to cool.

A hydraulic pressure relief valve prevents damage should excessive hydraulic pressure be directed to the compressor module. A solenoid-controlled motor bypass valve allows the hydraulic system to continue to operate other equipment even with the compressor motor disengaged.

When hydraulic flow is removed from the unit, a coast-down anti-cavitation valve keeps the unit from locking. This feature protects the motor, belt drive and compressor from damage when hydraulic flow is removed.

The HP60CMH has a cool-box design that helps the machine operate efficiently, Cool air enters the unit through the fan and exits through the cooler to maintain lower operating temperatures.