Ingersoll Rand DD-22, DD-24 Feature Large Water Tanks

Tue May 08, 2007 - National Edition

The Ingersoll Rand DD-22 and DD-24 double-drum asphalt compactors are designed for light- and medium-duty applications.

The DD-22 features a drum width of 39 in. (99 cm) and an operating weight of 5,400 lbs. (2,450 kg).

The DD-24 has a drum width of 47 in. (119 cm) and an operating weight of 5,725 lbs (2,600 kg).

The front and rear drums on both compactors protrude beyond the frame, making it easier to compact around obstructions without the chassis getting in the way and giving operators a clear view of drum edges, according to the manufacturer.

The propulsion system features hydrostatic drive to both drums in the series. An optional anti-slip control (ASC) can be added to provide enhanced traction by use of a flow divider.

The DD-22 and DD-24 double-drum units are built to produce the right combination of amplitude, centrifugal force and frequency to maximize daily productivity.

Both compactors provide the choice of automatic or manual vibration and can operate in three modes: statically, front drum vibration only or both drums vibrating. Two vibrating frequencies — 3,300 or 4,020 vibrations per minute — allow the DD-22 and DD-24 to produce smooth, dense mats with a reduced number of passes. At 4,020 vibrations per minute, these compactors have the highest frequency in their class.

Both the DD-22 and DD-24 have a large water tank that allows the compactor to work for longer intervals. A standard, pressurized water system with hand-serviceable water nozzles is integrated into both units. Water can be controlled by a four-position interval switch and sprays only when the compactor is in motion.

All maintenance points, including filters, the starter motor and injection pump are easily accessible for reduced downtime.

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