Ingersoll Rand Titan 7820 Ideal for Variety of Applications

Wed August 02, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

capacity of 14.8 tons (13.2 t).

A 231-hp (170 kW) Deutz diesel engine gives the Titan 7820 Ingersoll Rand Company Limited has extended its line of asphalt and concrete pavers with the release of the Titan 7820.

This paver is designed for placing any kind of wearing, binder and base course material in large paving widths and thicknesses.

The Titan 7820 paver can install roller-compacted concrete (RCC), cement-treated base, non-treated base, stone, soil cement, and asphalt.

This paver is ideal for many applications, such as highways, secondary roads, airports, landfills, and railway beds.

The Ingersoll Rand Electronic Paver Management II (EPM II) control unit is a standard feature. Operators receive service support through the Ingersoll Rand EPM II control unit.

The EPM II provides information on functions of the paver, vital operating-condition information, and diagnostic checks to the operator through an intuitive interface.

The Titan 7820 has a hopper variable speed control up to 65 ft./min. (20 m/min) when paving and 2.2 mph (3.6 kmh) in transport. The traction drive is electronically controlled for consistency.

The Titan 7820 will accommodate a variety of screeds, including fixed and hydraulically extendable screeds.

These various screeds allow the paver to place material up to 38.2 ft (10 m) wide and 11.8 in (30 cm) thick.

The paver is equipped with numerous standard features, including two seats that can extend laterally for improved operator visibility; an adjustable and revolving operator console; lubricated crawler track rollers; forged and hardened crawler track links; an automatic track tension system; four independent drives for conveyors and augers; ultrasonic sensors for proportional material feed control; an all-weather canopy; and work lights.