Intercomp Strip Scales Promote Jobsite Efficiency

Thu May 28, 2020 - National Edition

Weigh-in motion strip sensors
Weigh-in motion strip sensors
Weigh-in motion strip sensors Weigh-in motion strip sensor installation

Fleet Plant Hire, a Melbourne, AU-based civil plant hire logistics company, needed an efficient way to ensure vehicles leaving excavation worksites comply with commercial vehicle weight restrictions.

The company was hired by the local government to take part in a major infrastructure project for the city. However, the contract stipulated Fleet Plant Hire was responsible to ensure their vehicles using public roadways follow all commercial transport laws, including weight limitations.

Strip Sensors, one of several Intercomp Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems purchased by Fleet Plant Hire, help to ensure vehicles leaving a permanent work site are weight compliant while causing minimal disruption in this high-traffic location. Nominal installation and maintenance requirements made Strip Sensors ideal for this location.

Potential Strip Sensor Users

  • Busy Distribution and Logistics Facilities
  • Cargo Terminals Wanting to Integrate Weight into Current Gate Systems
  • Fleet Operators Striving to Eliminate Overweight Fines
  • Facilities Lacking Space for Full-Length Truck Scales

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