IRAY Wins First Place Awards at Annual Minnesota Convention

Sat February 11, 2006 - Midwest Edition

I.R.A.Y. Auction, owned by Ray and Cheryl Henry did a clean sweep at the Annual Minnesota Auctioneers Association Convention Jan. 14 by winning three first place awards and three second place awards in each of the different marketing categories.

I.R.A.Y. competed against 25 or so other auctioneering businesses in the marketing categories and won first place awards for business clothing design and auction bill design.

The second place awards were for other auction bill design categories.

I.R.A.Y. Auction often donates their auction services to charitable benefits and nonprofit fundraisers.

The company is located five miles south of Foley or 12 miles east of St. Cloud at the intersection of Highway 25 and 95, where it holds several on-site heavy equipment auctions each year, along with many off-site auctions.