IronPlanet Holds Its Largest-Ever Cat Auctions Sale in Fla.

Thu February 25, 2016 - National Edition

Discussing the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auction are Mike Goffinet (L), Goffinet Equipment Co., and Murf Murphy of Best Tractor Inc.
Discussing the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auction are Mike Goffinet (L), Goffinet Equipment Co., and Murf Murphy of Best Tractor Inc.
Discussing the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auction are Mike Goffinet (L), Goffinet Equipment Co., and Murf Murphy of Best Tractor Inc.
The Pentz family, owners of the Calvin Group in Windsor, Colo., head into the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale. (L-R): Mike; his father, Mark; and brother Matt.
(L-R): In town from Verona, Ky., Rick Newman of Newman Tractor catches up with Jeff and Maxx Miller of Trophy Tractor, based in Dallas, Texas, at the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale.
George Massey of IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services welcomes IEDA Executive Director Kristen Williams to the Florida auction.
At the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auction, Jim Mihm Sr. (R) and Jim Mihm Jr. of Washington Estate Transport were hoping to land a Caterpillar excavator to take back home to Rosendale, N.Y. IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services’ February 2016 Florida auctions got off to a big start on Feb. 8 and continued its momentum throughout the week. Caterpillar Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Doug Oberhelman (L) visited the Cat Auction Services auction John Alexander (L) and Hank Emilsson, both of Alban CAT, Baltimore, Md., are ready to enjoy the Florida auctions. (L-R): Cat Used Equipment Specialists Jared Briesch, Foley CAT, Piscataway, N.J.; and Joe Villa and Denny Thompson, both of Ransome CAT, Bensalem, Pa., enjoy the better weather in Florida than up north. Mark Dydo (L) of Caterpillar Northwest Region Customer Services Support Division and Chris Wilson, Curry Supply Company, Martinsburg, Pa. The IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auctioneer accepts bids at the This group travelled from Louisville, Ohio, to the Sunshine State looking for equipment bargains at the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale. (L-R): Brian Roach and Jerry Glessner of Jerry’s Trucking & Excavating; Bill Woronka of Father & Son Property Mai AJ Perisho, used equipment manager, and Jay Germann, general manager, Springfield, Ill., both of Roland Machinery Co., register for the auction.
The auction showcased equipment from leading OEMs, construction and rental companies, dealers and national retailers, including Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu and more.
Wheel loaders are ready for auction block.
These future contractors, Braden, Ryder and Peyton, enjoyed the auction. Daman Trotman, director of Horizon Construction in Turks & Caicos, was amazed at all the iron. Parker Blalock, son of an IronPlanet employee, enjoyed the auction with his father. Nick Baker (L), president of GE Baker Construction, and CJ Cutter, president of Cutter Concrete & Excavating, both travelled from Ohio to the auctions.
Hank Spies (L) of Milton CAT and Bart Rhea, owner of BKBC Machinery of Flemington, N.J. With thousands of bidders in attendance and more than 100,000 bidders online, sellers had a world Rick Albin of IronPlanet welcomes attendees and gets day one of the auction started. Onsite or online, more than 100,000 registered to bid on the largest collection of late model Cat equipment ever sold. Arriving at the auction in his 1960 Nash Metropolitan is Gayle Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Farms. 
Jumbotrons strategically placed around the sale site kept bidders on track with items currently being sold. Purchased at the IronPlanet sale, a John Deere 70C LGP went home with James (L) and Robby Alberson of Robby’s Equipment Sales, Widener, Ark. Poinciana Blvd. in Kissimmee has a long history of hosting major equipment auctions in February. This was among the most impressive excavator lineups this sale site has seen in many years. An impressive lineup of motorgraders went on  the block. This Cat D6TXL was one of many late model and very clean Cat dozers at the sale. (L-R):  Joe Nagy, Nice Guy Heavy Equipment Rentals, Ontario Canada; Jim Stalvey, Red Hills Equipment, Thomasville, Ga.; and Keith Baker, also of Nice Guy Heavy Equipment Rent The IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale was  not limited to Cat machines or earthmoving equipment; these aerial lifts were proof of that. Nearly $100 million of equipment and a long cold winter in the Midwest brought these buyers in. (L-R): Henry Nowakowski and Brent Nowakowski, both of American Underground, Toledo Ohio; and Rick Busch, Busch Inc., Toledo. There is a long tradition New Englanders heading to Florida for the February sales. This year, IronPlanet was a big player in the used caterpillar market. Paul Magoon (L), Milton CAT, Milford, Mass., and Dan Coolong of North Country Auction in New Hampshi Every job site needs a Humvee to tool around the job site in, right? Mike Cloer (L) and Ray Ferguson of Cherokee Enterprises, Cherokee, N.C., agree. Cole Leavitt (L) and Jeremy Jordan of Chadwick BaRoss, in New England, carefully watch the bidding because these sale numbers often set the tone for the upcoming buying season. James Jeter (L), president, and Gregory Owens CEO of IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services, were very pleased with the size and scope of the sale.
Old friends got a chance to catch up at the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale. (L-R): Dean Adsit, used equipment sales, Nortrax; Monte Garner, IronPlanet; father and son team of Jeff and Maxx Miller, Trophy Tractor Inc.; and Daryl Crear, Rumpke Landfil Greg Owens (L), chairman and CEO of IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services, and Dean Adsit, used equipment sales, Nortrax.
Bo Ross (L), used equipment manager, Linder Industrial Machinery Co., and Rick Newman, founder of Newman Tractor Inc., meet up at the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sale.
Ryan Cunningham (L), used equipment manager, Laurel Machinery LLC, and Tom Jamieson, sales manager of Cleveland Brothers CAT, are ready to follow the auction action. Larry Hilton of AIS Construction Equipment Corp. looks over this Komatsu PC390LC excavator.
Jeff Speer, used equipment manager, Fabick CAT, keeps track of what the Caterpillar excavators were going for at the IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services auction.

IronPlanet/Cat Auction Services sold more than 2,350 items for $93.8 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV) at its auctions in Kissimmee, Fla., from Feb. 8 to 12, 2016, an increase of 95 percent over GMV of $48 million for its three-day sale in February 2015.

“This year's Cat Auction Services Florida sale was our largest auction ever, with unprecedented support from our customers,” said Gregory J. Owens, IronPlanet chairman and CEO. “The fact that we nearly doubled GMV versus our sale last year clearly demonstrates the power of our marketplace and the global reach of our online platform.

“The industry recognition and groundswell of support from all of our sellers, including Cat dealers, Volvo, Komatsu and other dealers, as well as major OEMs was fantastic. We had planned for great things, and indeed, IronPlanet changed the Florida auction landscape this year.”

IronPlanet had record attendance with more than 100,000 unique online attendees from 175 countries in addition to more than 1,100 registered bidders onsite. Equipment received international bids from bidders in 48 countries.

“We were pleased to partner with IronPlanet this year at their Cat Auction Services sale in Florida,” said Mike Shane, used equipment specialist of Alta Equipment Company. “I was impressed with the selection and diversity of equipment at this year's auction. It was a great event and we were pleased with our results.”

Alta Equipment Company is a provider of industrial forklifts, heavy construction equipment and warehouse solutions in the Midwest.

IronPlanet expanded its annual Florida auction to a fifth day this year in order to accommodate the many sellers who wanted to sell in this event. The auction showcased equipment from leading OEMs, construction and rental companies, dealers and national retailers, including Caterpillar, Volvo, John Deere, Komatsu, JLG, Genie, Wal-Mart and more. IronPlanet's LEADERBOARD technology provided online bidders the same views, videos and bidding experience as onsite bidders, while reaching a worldwide audience.

“IronPlanet's online platform and global reach combined with the variety of equipment this year brought real strength in numbers and great demand,” said Gene A. Crow, rental asset manager, Ohio CAT. “This year's Cat Auction Services event delivered one of the most comprehensive equipment lineups of quality Cat and other equipment that we've ever seen. We're looking forward to participating in more regional Cat Auction Services events this year.”