Jefferson’s Boots Protect Against Dirt

Wed August 30, 2006 - National Edition

Jefferson Rubber Works Inc. (JRW), a manufacturer and provider of custom-engineered, injection-molded rubber solutions, offers protective dust boot covers for off-road vehicles. For more than 30 years, JRW has designed and manufactured rubber protective boots for constant velocity (CV) joints used in large off-road construction vehicles and heavy equipment.

The CV joint in off-road equipment provides consistent drive shaft speeds regardless of the operating angle of the joint, and requires proper lubrication to maintain functionality.

Jefferson’s rubber boots maintain the necessary volume of grease to keep the joint lubricated while protecting against dirt and water in an off-road environment, where dust makes the joint more susceptible to failure.

Using synthetic rubber, JRW has created a long operating life for CV joints in heavy construction equipment and off-road vehicles.

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