J.F. Kiely Construction Co. Promotes Safety Using College Interns

Fri June 11, 2010 - Northeast Edition

J.F. Kiely Construction Co. is promoting safety awareness with the help of college interns seeking valuable job experience. During the busiest season of the year J.F. Kiely Construction Co. hires summer interns to assist its safety department in job site audits and toolbox talks.

“We have created a win-win situation here at J.F. Kiely Construction Co.,” said its president, John Kiely. “Our work crews receive the benefit of extra safety reminders and college interns gain valuable job experience before careers in construction.”

The health and safety department is comprised of three full-time professionals, multiple outside consultants and summer interns.

“Safety is a top priority at J.F. Kiely Construction Co. and we are constantly thinking of and implementing new ways to communicate the importance of safety to both our union members and management,” said Andy Thomson, director of Health and Safety.

J.F. Kiely Construction Co. offers utility customers a diversified list of services including the installation of gas, water, electric and sewer. Founded in 1952, J.F. Kiely Construction Co. employs more than 200 professionals throughout New Jersey. Its specialties include directional drilling, high-pressure tapping, pipe welding and plastic fusion.

For more information, visit www.JFKIELY.com.