JLG Presented Award From Letterkenny Army Depot

Thu May 03, 2007 - National Edition

JLG Industries Inc. was presented an award from Letterkenny Army Depot.

Co1. Robert A. Swenson, Letterkenny Depot commander presented the award to Peter Bonafede Jr., senior vice president of Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain.

The award was given in appreciation to JLG for sharing lean manufacturing practices and allowing Letterkenny personnel to visit JLG manufacturing facilities over the past three years.

Letterkenny has implemented many of JLG’s best practices and is a two time Shingo Prize Recipient of the Public Sector Award. This award recently recognized Letterkenny for not only saving the American taxpayers’ money, but increasing the quality of Humvees for Warfighters.

Bonafede thanked Swenson and stated, “On behalf of JLG Industries, which is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Truck Corporation, it is my pleasure and honor to have worked with Letterkenny Army Depot in the sharing of our lean methodologies. Assisting them to better support products that protect our soldiers has been a privilege. It builds on the principle of government and private sector partnering and allows both organizations to contribute to our national defense.”

“It is great to visit a world-class operation. We look forward to sharing further synergies. Lean practices result in a quality product provided to our Warfighter more quickly and at reduced costs,” Swenson said when he toured JLG’s telehandler manufacturing after the presentation.

Symbolic of this was the armor plate that Swenson presented to Bonafede, which was taken from a Humvee that returned from Iraq.