JLG’s Ultra Boom Aerial Work Platform Reaches 63 Ft.

Wed June 06, 2007 - National Edition

The Model 1250AJP Ultra Boom aerial work platform from JLG Industries Inc. is an articulating and telescoping model with 63-ft. 2-in. (19.3 m) horizontal reach, 60-ft. 7-in. (18.5 m) up and over capability and 125-ft. (38 m) platform height.

The JibPLUS jib boom on the Model 1250AJP rotates both 130 degrees vertically and 125 degrees horizontally; and when combined with the 180-degree platform rotation, provides workers with increased maneuverability for reaching hard to access areas. Platform capacity in the majority of the work envelope is a restricted 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) Unrestricted platform capacity is 500 lbs (227 kg).

For added worker productivity, the machine is fitted with JLG’s QuikStik boom that allows the platform to be lowered to the ground while the tower boom is fully raised and extended. With this feature, workers can go from ground level to full elevation in 95 seconds.

A standard feature of the Model 1250AJP is the SkyPower package comprised of a 7,500-watt generator, which provides power to welders and other platform-mounted accessories. Other features include drive-out front extending axle, oscillating axle for better traction over rough terrain, and 4-wheel drive and steer.

Like the 135 and 120-ft. (41 and 36.5 m) platform height JLG Ultra Boom lifts, the Model 1250AJP articulating and telescoping boom lift is transportable on a standard step-deck trailer without the need for special permits.

For more information, visit www.jlg.com.