John Deere Uses Tough Axles for Tough Tasks

Wed November 07, 2007 - National Edition

John Deere’s axles include Funk inboard planetary axles for tough conditions and SWEDA axles for use with dual and wide tires.

Funk Inboard

Planetary Axles

When workloads are heavy and conditions are harsh, equipment needs axles that can handle the pressure.

John Deere’s TeamMate II family of axles have high-torque and low-speed. They are designed using a building-block concept that enables thousands of configurations. John Deere can custom-build an axle to fit many different torque and load requirements.

Funk axles are non-steerable and are built strong to contribute to the rigidity of the equipment’s frame. Because they offer wide bearing spacing, they have additional track width flexibility.

SWEDA for Low Ground Pressure Applications

John Deere’s super wide extreme duty axle (SWEDA) is designed for situations where vehicles must leave only a minimal footprint without sacrificing rugged performance, according to the manufacturer.

Dual and wide tires can help in such situations, but they create additional demands on the axles, and that’s where SWEDA comes in.

SWEDA offers greater flange-to-flange length, larger axle shaft size and increased outboard bearing capacity. In addition, it employs metal-to-metal face seals to prevent oil leakage and keep debris out of the axle.

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