Kelly Tractor Breaks Ground With New Leasing Program

Fri October 29, 2010 - Southeast Edition

Kelly Tractor Co., Miami, a leading provider of building construction and industrial equipment throughout the United States and Canada, has strengthened its commitment to IMT hydraulic rig customers by creating a new program offering attractive rental options for Link-Belt models 450 and 750 telescopic crawler cranes.

The new Telescopic Crawler Crane Rental Program offers Kelly IMT customers, who frequently find the need for a crane on the same construction site as the drill, significant savings in time by working with one company for both pieces of equipment.

“We listened to our customers when they told us they needed a more streamlined way to mobilize equipment for large and complex jobs,” said Bruce Budd, crane and foundation group manager of Kelly Tractor Co. “This is an industry-wide solution that will provide attractive rental options for non-IMT users, as well.”

Today’s announcement comes with additional customer flexibility, including the choice of renting a Link-Belt telescopic crawler crane without investing in an outright purchase.

Kelly Tractor Co. sells and rents IMT hydraulic drilling rigs to foundation drilling contractors throughout the United States. Service for the new program will be provided by the dedicated team of Kelly Tractor Co. professionals, well-known and respected in the industry for their product knowledge and customer service.

Kelly Tractor Co. serves the industry with a wide variety of construction and industrial equipment. Since 1933, Kelly Tractor Co. has provided rentals, leasing, sales and servicing of construction and industrial equipment for highway and bridge building, water and sewer, land development, housing, aggregate quarries, agriculture, warehousing, seaports, marinas and other markets.

For more information, contact Bruce Budd at 561-683-2015, ext. 170. CQ