Kenco’s KL30000 Barrier Lift Adapts to Multiple Surfaces

Wed September 12, 2007 - National Edition

The Kenco KL30000 barrier lift can be used on any concrete surface including median barriers, sound walls, curbing and piling. It also can be used for aligning barriers that have already been placed.

Features include:

• Lifting eye simply hooks up to a clevis from the end of your stick.

• Maintains a 3 to 1 grip ratio on the barrier to safely and efficiently grip load.

• Actuator allows the lifter to grip and release automatically, with no hydraulics.

• Elastomer pads grab 67 percent more surface area.

• Has a lifting capacity of up to 30,000 lbs. (13,608 kg).

• Grips from 6 to 12 in. (15 to 30.5 cm) thick wall surfaces.

• Available with optional self-aligning guides that extend down from one set of pads to align the lifter as it is lowered onto the wall.

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