Kennametal’s Road-Ready Drum Designed to Reduce Wear

Wed November 07, 2007 - National Edition

Increased efficiency and reduced equipment wear are primary concerns of every road repair and construction crew. Kennametal said its new Road-Ready milling drums address both with computer-engineered designs that provide optimum asphalt grinding, cause less wear on equipment and save downtime through ease of use.

Designed and built to match all major OEM specifications, Road-Ready drums can be customized for a user’s specific needs. The computerized lacing program, which determines the optimum placement of tools on the drum, ensures a cut that provides a road surface finish that meets or exceeds department of transportation standards. The synchronized lace pattern on the balanced drum significantly reduces vibration, thus minimizing damage to profilers and milling machines, while providing maximum cutting tool and drum life.

“This program places the tools on the drum to give it optimum cutting, torque and wear,” said Stephen Stiffler, Kennametal’s Construction Drums sales manager for North America.

One customer reports savings of 7.5 hours of labor per week per planer after switching to Kennametal’s Road-Ready system. With more than 30 planers in operation at any given time, the labor saved is more than 225 hours per week.

Another attribute of the system is the non-welded fastener sleeve that acts as a bearing for the tooth shank so it can freely rotate.

Customized drum systems, optimized for fine, intermediate or course-cut milling can be delivered in as little as four weeks.

The Road-Ready system saves time with its KPF301 system. Instead of having to remove the worn units and then welding on a new cutter assembly, the new cutting system’s tooth-and-sleeve are easily extracted with special Kennametal hand tools. Installing the new tooth and sleeve is achieved by using a Kennametal hammer installation tool and an ordinary mid-weight hammer.

The Road-Ready system comes with a free set of premium start-up tools. The kit includes KPF301 wedge pullers, one flex drill, one bucket of spare sleeves, a broken sleeve removal tool and tooth extraction tools.

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