Komatsu America Announces BX50 Model Forklift

Thu June 09, 2011 - National Edition

Komatsu’s BX50 forklift blends power, performance and operator comfort.
Komatsu’s BX50 forklift blends power, performance and operator comfort.

Komatsu America Corp’s. BX50 forklift blends power, performance and operator comfort, providing the operator with the tools to handle the toughest applications with maximized efficiency and productivity. Offering maneuverability and handling ease, the BX50 is suitable for a wide variety of applications, according to the manufacturer.

The BX50 offers the following features:

• Sharp styling, easy maneuverability, low center of gravity and dynamic appearance

• Dual floating structure cushions the drive components and operator cabin for greater operator comfort and greatly reduced vibration

• KOPS Plus locks out lift and travel when the operator leaves the seat

• EPA Tier III compliant ECCS high torque engines for LPG or dual fuel

• EPA Interim Tier IV for diesel engine models

• High visibility EZview masts

• Tilt steering console with small diameter steering wheel and hydrostatic power steering

• Single piece, fully insulated all steel engine cover for reduced heat and vibration

• Wide-open step area with non-slip surface and a full-width rubber floor mat

• Advanced EZlift hydraulic system with tandem pump design enables efficient lifting without accelerating the engine

• Komatsu-designed and manufactured transmission with high capacity oil cooler and aluminum alloy transmission case

• Advanced counterweight design increases airflow into the engine compartment while greatly reducing exhaust gas flow into the operator’s face during rearward driving

• Extended service intervals reduce maintenance costs and downtime

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