Lang Powers Attachments With 210-LTC Excavator

Sat September 10, 2005 - Midwest Edition

Lang Tool Co. is an industry leader in the development of attachments that utilize hydraulic motor drives.

These attachments include stump grinders, brush mowers and tree mulchers. To furnish the hydraulics to power these attachments, Lang Tool developed the 210-LTC –– a 350-hp, 59,000-lb. excavator equipped with an auxiliary attachment hydraulic system capable of producing 100 gpm at 5,200 psi, continuously.

A gearbox installed on the rear of the Cummins M-11 engine drives pumps for the standard excavator functions and a dedicated attachment circuit pump. This design allows the 210-LTC to deliver improved attachment performance without compromising the excavator functions.

The LTC stump grinder was developed by a landclearing contractor to solve stump disposal problems created by restrictions on burning and burying land clearing debris.

LTC stump grinders are designed to grind stumps and the underground root structure. They turn a relatively slow 200 to 250 rpm and develop tremendous torque. Many competitive grinders turn at more than 1,000 rpm and are not capable of grinding stumps below ground.

The slow rotational speed and high-torque characteristics of the LTC stump grinders allow them to work in extremely rocky terrain where competitive grinders are not practical.

The LTC tree and brush mulcher is an environmentally-friendly tool that quickly and cost effectively cuts and mulches brush and trees to ground level. This attachment is an ideal tool for right of way clearing and maintenance.

With a 56 in. width of cut, it can mulch both large trees and brush efficiently. A grapple is incorporated in the design so that obstacles can be removed from the path of the machine. The tough, double tipped carbide teeth can stand up to abrasive conditions and impacts. The drive system uses inexpensive and readily available V-belts at both ends of the rotor.

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