LEA, MTG Teeth Available for Multi-Ripper Products

Tue July 15, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Two new teeth are now available for multi-ripper products from Leading Edge Attachments Inc., developed in conjunction with MTG Corp. There is the new 220- to 300-lb. (100 to 136 kg) excavator class size “Double Vector” and the new 55- to 110-lb. (25 to 50 kg) excavator class size “Multi-Ripper Tooth.”

The new Double Vector part number MG200W will be available on all of the new 220- to 300-lb. class multi-ripper products from LEA Inc.

Komatsu PC1200’s and Hitachi EX1250’s will now be supplied with these rock ripping teeth.

The MG200W is made to be interchangeable with the MTG “KingMet” 200 series tooth adapters and is designed with self-sharpening sides that improve sidewall ripping.

The new “multi-ripper tooth” (MRT) part number MG55WR is now available for all multi-ripper products in the 55- to 110-lb. excavator class size, like the Cat 330 and 345. The new style rock ripping tooth allows the operator to easily rip rock, coral shale, caliche, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt or frozen ground with the maximum breakout force.

The MRT is a new tooth design that allows the operator to focus the excavator’s full breakout force individually to each point of a twin tiger tooth, thus greatly improving the ripping effect, according to the manufacturer.

Conventional twin tiger teeth have two points that help to rip rock; however, they are side by side so that when they come into contact with rock, the force is shared by the two points.

The two points of the MRT are positioned using the “SHARC” technology (“SHanks on an ARC”) that places the points at staggered positions along an arc that has a center approximately near the bucket/stick pivot point. This allows the tooth to rip out a relatively flat bottom while focusing the entire excavator breakout on one point at a time.

The sides of the tooth are shaped so that the tooth can easily rip side walls of a trench and the shape has a self sharpening design.

The MG55WR can be used on “Multi-Ripper Products” or conventional buckets to help increase the ripping effect. It is made to be interchangeable with the MTG “KingMet” 55 series tooth adapters and is designed with self-sharpening sides that improve sidewall ripping.

For more information, call 866/928-5800 or visit www.leadingedgeattachments.com.

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