Less Noise, Enhanced Driver Comfort With Lined Truck Boxes

Mon July 27, 2009 - National Edition

Loading a truck equipped with a Sandvik rubber lining.
Loading a truck equipped with a Sandvik rubber lining.

The rock excavation and processing industry is associated with high noise levels. Workers are exposed to a tremendous amount of noise that could lead to serious hearing impairment. In addition, the noise generated impacts the surrounding areas. For these reasons, in addition to legislative and regulatory requirements, employers are now aiming to achieve a better and quieter working environment.

Sandvik offers rubber wear protection for every type of truck box or hopper used in the rock mining industry.

The boxes and feed bins are exposed to heavy wear during loading and unloading — from crushing damage to abrasive and cutting wear. Sandvik WT6000 rubber linings absorb kinetic energy upon impact and subsequently return to their initial shape, thus protecting the underlying structure, according to the manufacturer.

Some advantages of rubber linings include

• Noise-reducing

• Long life

• Reduced risk of buckles and cracks in chassis or hopper

• Reduced risk of fines freezing during winter

• Fewer maintenance stoppages

• Less structural repair work

• Lower cost per transported ton

Quick, Secure Installation

Sandvik offers a tailored solution for each application. Delivery is complete with rubber elements, bolts and plugs. The lining is installed with stud welds or through-bolts for rapid, secure installation. Sandvik also can arrange the removal of old linings and assemblies.