Letter to the Editor: Re ConExpo 1975

Fri August 23, 2013 - National Edition

(Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was in response to our ConExpo ’75 retrospective):

Thanks for putting me on your mailing list

I received my first copy of the Midwest edition and was surprised to see the article on the 1975 ConExpo in Chicago

Next year I will have been in this industry for 45 years and this was my first ConExpo – have not missed one since

That year Clark Equipment changed the brand on all their products to Clark.

Products from Lima, Austin Western, Hancock, Michigan were all branded Clark.

In your article you mention one of the attractions as being a rubber tired Loader, too big to fit inside. That was the Clark 675.

Funny thing is that IH had a loader inside that was identified as the largest Payloader in the world. People kept asking me if that was larger than the 675. My response was. “you see the Payloader was displayed inside and the 675 outside because it would not fit inside.

In 1975 Clark people working the show had bright yellow blazers and blue pants. I still had the jacket up till about 5 years ago.

The celebrities you mentioned in your article were also from the Clark display. George Blanda, Kenny Stabler, and Roger Staubach were all brought to the show by Clark Equipment.

It was cold – 5 below zero and I could not get my 1972 Ford Maverick started.

I showed the article around the office –Most comment where like this – " I was not born yet", "I was 5 years old" and even Tim Frank our Chairman was a teenager in "75"

It was a great article and as Bob Hope said "Thanks for the Memories"


Rich Jilek


SANY Parts Operations

Peachtree City GA