Liebherr L586 Boasts Advanced Hydrostatic Drive System

Wed April 09, 2008 - National Edition

Liebherr’s L 586 2plus2 wheel loader has a tipping load of 45,040 lbs. (20,430 kg), making it the largest hydrostatically powered wheel loader in the world, according to the manufacturer.

Liebherr has been manufacturing hydrostatically powered wheel loaders for more than 25 years. The advanced hydrostatic drive system has proven to be both fuel efficient — consuming as much as 25 percent less fuel than conventional drive machines — and long lasting. Additional advantages include up to 25 percent less tire wear and virtually no brake wear — yielding significant savings to the bottom line, Liebherr said.

The L 586 features a Liebherr Tier III compliant diesel engine producing 340 hp (253 kW) at 1800 rpm. The reduction in horsepower requirement is directly due to the advanced hydrostatic drive system — lower horsepower equals greater fuel efficiency.

The wheel loader features a standard 7.8 cu. yd. (6 cu m) bucket and a tip load of 45,040 lbs.

Operator comfort is enhanced with a large, ergonomically designed cab, standard air conditioning, fully adjustable single lever joystick control and increased visibility to the work area and attachment. Options such as 2 in 1 steering and joystick steering allow the machine to be configured to a particular site, increasing productivity even further.

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