LiuGong Wins Prestigious Chinese National Quality Award

Sat November 08, 2008 - National Edition

LiuGong was awarded the “2008 National Quality Award.” Previously only 51 enterprises in all industries in China have been awarded this honor. LiuGong is the only enterprise that has won the Chinese National Quality award in the construction machinery industry.

The award arrives in time for LiuGong’s 50th anniversary.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan established the American Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award to sharpen the competitive edge of America’s industry. This award contributed largely to the recovery of the American economy at the time.

Since the establishment of this award, Japan and Europe have followed and established their own national quality awards.

In 2001, China set up its “National Quality Award” modeled on the Malcolm Baldrige Award. The Chinese National Quality Award is given to the most preeminent enterprises, which have achieved excellence around the country. These enterprises have made remarkable achievements in terms of quality, and they have contributed to the country economically and socially.

LiuGong Company has joined the ranks of the best quality enterprises in China. Chairman Wang Xiaohua of LiuGong stated that the purpose of their participation in the evaluation was not only to obtain the award, but also to have the process of their management and control go through an all-round check against preeminent performance standards so they could make active improvements were there any inadequacies.