Lokotrack ST458 Mobile Screen Added to Metso Arsenal

Wed January 03, 2007 - National Edition

Metso Minerals’ Lokotrack ST458 is a three-deck mobile unit suitable for screening applications where high capacity, accuracy and mobility are required.

It is equipped with large 18- by 5-ft. (5.4- by 1.5-m) screens. The screen area per deck is 85 sq. ft. (7.9 sq m) and the end-to-end crowning of the two-bearing screen boxes enables a high performance screening result. This is further enhanced by the screens’ ability to use both forward and reverse movements.

The ST458 features Metso’s SmartScreen technology — a system that uses the computing power of Metso’s IC300 intelligent controlling system. SmartScreen senses the load on the main conveyor and monitors screen functions, automatically adjusting key parameters such as feeding and screening speeds when necessary. This ability to control the screens’ functions in real-time results in continuous, high quality, high capacity screening.

For the operator, the Lokotrack ST458 is both convenient and easy to use. The whole screening process can be started with the press of a button. If there is a problem, the IC300 intelligent controlling system has a diagnostic feature that leads the operator to the source of the malfunction.

The ST458 can be connected to Metso’s Lokotrack LT Series of mobile crushing plants via an interlocking cable. This further demonstrates the level of automation of the crushing and screening process that is possible using Metso systems.

The new models are mounted on heavy-duty tracks that, in conjunction with their substantial weight, help ensure both good on-site mobility and stable operation, even in difficult site conditions. Conveyor capacity has been increased over previous models, and the width of the discharge conveyors is now 4 ft. (1.2 m). The side conveyors also are increased, up to 31.5 in. (80 cm) for improved capacity.

The ST458’s 14-ft., 9-in. (4.5 m) wide feed hopper has a capacity of 9.6 cu. yds. (7.5 cu m) and is easy to detach due to its cassette-style structure. With a hopper loading height of 11 ft. (3.3 m), the machine’s power pack is a robust, liquid-cooled 147 hp (110 kW) Deutz diesel engine.