Mack Manufacturing’s Purpose-Built Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

Tue February 21, 2012 - National Edition

Mack’s orange peel scrap grapple in hydraulic crane application.
Mack’s orange peel scrap grapple in hydraulic crane application.

The Mack OPSIHCR-200-4 independent-tine scrap grapple is purpose-built for heavy-duty use on all types of hydraulic cranes and mobile scrap-handling equipment. This standard 4-tine unit is designed for maximum load retention with a two yard lifting capacity and continuous hydraulic rotation for ease of control.

Furnished to order with the required connector for any boom point, each grab is shipped pre-hosed and ready to go.

The grapple’s heat-treated alloy steel construction combines light weight for high efficiency and lift capacity with rugged strength, including heat-treated steel pins and shafts sized to ensure maximum service life. All Mack grapples and buckets are fabricated with T1 steel, a heat-treated alloy with twice the structural strength of standard mild steel and able to withstand three times as much pressure before bending, according to the manufacturer.

All service components feature recognized national brands, including Mack’s own heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, custom engineered and manufactured in-house.

Replaceable bushings at all hinge points simplify servicing and extend service life, while grease fittings are strategically placed to minimize their exposure to potential damage.

Additional models and custom designs are available on request with high and low pressure options and standard sizes from 0.25 to 3.0 cu. yds. (.2 to 2.3 cu m).

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