Manitowoc Introduces 'Cab2020' on Grove Three-Axle All-Terrain Cranes

Thu December 03, 2020 - National Edition

The new cab2020 is now available on all Grove three-axle all-terrain cranes, the GMK3050-3, GMK3060-2 and GMK3060L-1.
The new cab2020 is now available on all Grove three-axle all-terrain cranes, the GMK3050-3, GMK3060-2 and GMK3060L-1.

With the introduction of Manitowoc's new carrier cabin, cab2020, Grove sets new standards in comfort and ergonomics for crane operators, according to the manufacturer.

In addition, the new cab2020 is not only the benchmark in design but also meets the latest crash-test requirements in Europe and is ECE R29-3 approved. The new cab2020 is now available on all Grove three-axle all-terrain cranes, the GMK3050-3, GMK3060-2 and GMK3060L-1.

Due to the cab2020, the exterior of the new three-axle cranes has a more dynamic look and comes closer to the design of their "bigger brothers" in the Grove all-terrain crane range. At the same time, Grove will continue manufacturing its all-terrain cranes with the compact design the brand is known for. With a width of just 8.3 ft., access to confined job sites is made as easy as possible.

Space inside the cab2020 is used more efficiently. The sophisticated layout ensures ample room for the cab's controls, which are clearly arranged. The CCS (Crane Control System) display is positioned slightly higher to ensure it is comfortably and conveniently within the operator's sight and reach. Optimally laid out buttons and dials ensure that the crane can be handled easily and intuitively.

The modern design of cab2020 comes with premium-quality surfaces that look and feel good. Overall, the result is a comfortable and user-friendly environment that helps the operator to focus on the task in hand, according to the manufacturer.

Based on Operator Feedback

Instead of building on previous carrier cabs, the cab2020 designers established a new concept based on close involvement of end users and customers. The design, materials, space and ambiance fit perfectly together and reflect the careful attention paid to operators' everyday needs from their work environment during the multi-stage development process.

Initially, Grove asked users about their personal requirements for a driver's cab, including their priorities and preferences when driving to the job site. The result of this study led to a prototype model of the cab2020, which was shown on the Manitowoc booth at bauma 2019 in Munich.

The all-terrain product management team from Wilhelmshaven gathered further first-hand opinions from bauma visitors. The cab2020 prototype attracted lots of interested visitors, crane operators as well as customers, during the show. Many of them took the chance to sit in the prototype driver's cab on the Manitowoc booth and gave their feedback – which was very positive overall. Afterwards, Grove took all feedback into account when refining the design.

Before the design was finalized, the cab2020 received thorough testing at the product verification centre (PVC) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

"It was important for us to retain what was deemed as perfect and tried and tested by crane operators. But by adding the extra bits and pieces, we have achieved real improvements in design and function, which resulted in our new cab2020 becoming the new carrier cab for the smaller range of our Grove all-terrain cranes," said Andreas Cremer, vice president product management mobile cranes at Manitowoc.

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