Massive I-95 Bridgeport Corridor Speeds Forward

Mon December 29, 2003 - Northeast Edition
Brenda Ruggiero

A major reconstruction is currently under way on Interstate 95 at Bridgeport, CT. Known as the I-95 Bridgeport Corridor, the project has an estimated total cost of $422.7 million. Notice to proceed was given on Aug. 29, 1996, and the final completion is set for June 30, 2005.

According to Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT), the program consists of the modification of the I-95 roadway cross section and the realignment of I-95 as required in Bridgeport.

“The proposed typical I-95 roadway cross section from the Fairfield/Bridgeport line to the Route 8/25 Interchange will consist of three 12-foot lanes of through vehicular traffic in each direction,” ConnDOT explained. “From the Route 8/25 Interchange to the Yellow Mill Pond Bridge, there will be four 12-foot lanes of through vehicular traffic in each direction.”

In addition to the through traffic lanes, there will be a 12-ft. (3.7 m) auxiliary traffic lane in each direction from Interchange 25 to the Route 8/25 Interchange. “The I-95 roadway and structures will be overbuilt on the outside in order to maintain and protect three lanes of traffic in each direction during peak hours. The project will be stage constructed to accomplish this work.”

Yellow Mill Project

The Yellow Mill phase was completed on Nov. 4, 1999, one year ahead of schedule. The prime contractor was O&G Industries Inc., Torrington, CT, and the project manager was John Gemetro Jr.

This section included the reconstruction of the I-95 bridge over the Yellow Mill Channel, the elimination of the southbound off ramp to Pembroke Street and the northbound on ramp from Pembroke Street, and the reconfiguration of Interchange 29.

The Yellow Mill project was the recipient of three State/Federal awards upon completion: 2001 CEPP (Connecticut Engineers in Private Practice) Engineering Excellence Award, 2001 ACEC (American Consulting Engineers Council) Engineering Excellence Honor Award, and the 2000 NQI (National Quality Initiative) Silver Award for Risk Taking.

This phase began on Aug. 29, 1996, and was valued at $55.5 million.

Green Project

The Green phase was completed on Dec. 29, 2000, also under prime contractor O&G Industries Inc.

This section included the construction of the southern third of the Bridgeport Harbor Bridge and the partial reconstruction of other structures on I-95 over local streets. Also included in the contract were an access road to the Bridgeport Ferry Terminal and reconstruction at the Union Square Dock.

Notice to proceed was given on April 11, 1997, and overall cost was $46.3 million.

Orange Project

The Orange Project is scheduled for completion by June 30, 2004, under prime contractor Balfour Beatty Construction Inc., of Bridgeport. Project manager is Douglas Maffei.

This phase consists of the reconstruction of I-95 from Wordin Avenue to Warren Street, including the Route 8 Interchange. A major structure, which carries I-95 over the Metro-North Railroad and local streets, also is included in the contract.

Notice to proceed was given on June 30, 2003, and the total projected cost is $119.5 million.

Earth excavation for this phase involved 28,775 cu. yds. (22,000 cu m). The project also includes 45,778 cu. yds. (35,000 cu m) of concrete; 8,632 cu. yds. (6,600 cu m) of concrete for the base; 11 million lbs. (5 million kg) of reinforcing steel; and 33,790 tons (31,000 t) of asphalt pavement.

A total of 49 subcontractors are involved in the project. Major jobs are being completed by Mohawk Northeast Inc., Newington, CT; Waters Construction Co. Inc., Bridgeport; Rizzo A.M. Electric Construction Inc., Danbury, CT; Earth Technology Inc., North Haven, CT; and Advance Steel, Bridgeport.

The equipment list for the Orange Project includes a Case 590L backhoe/loader, a Cat 446B backhoe, a Case 721B loader, a 624G John Deere loader, two Mustang 940 skid steers, a John Deere 650G dozer, a Cat 330BL crawler excavator, a Cat 330BL crawler excavator with hydraulic impact hammer, a Komatsu PC200 LC-6 crawler, and a Komatsu excavator.

Forklifts include a Gradall/Chapman 534C-6 with a 36-ft. (11 m) hydro-telescopic boom and a Traverse TL 10049 with a 37-ft. (11.3 m) telescopic boom.

Cranes include a Grove RT740 40-ton (36 t) rough terrain; a Grove RT760E 60-ton (54 t) hydraulic; a Link-Belt LS 218H 100-ton (90 t); a Link-Belt 50-ton (45 t) rough terrain hydraulic; a Link-Belt HC-238 with a 50-ft. (15.2 m) boom; a Manitowoc VICON 4000 150-ton (135 t); a P&H Omega 50-ton diesel hydraulic; and a Terex RT 160.

Pink Project

The Pink Project involves the completion of the remaining two-thirds of the I-95 Bridge over the Pequonnock River, which includes major construction over the Bridgeport Harbor. The prime contractor is L.G. Defelice/Frontier-Kemper Constructors Inc., Joint Venture, based in Bridgeport. Ben Fronte is the project manager.

Notice to proceed for this portion of the project was given on Dec. 9, 1999, and the target completion date is July 1, 2005. Total projected cost is $79.7 million.

The Pink Project reportedly involves 14,387 cu. yds. (11,000 cu m) of earth excavation; 9,156 cu. yds. (7,000 cu m) of borrow; 10,071 cu. yds. (7,700 cu m) of concrete for base; and 26,159 cu. yds. (20,000 cu m) of concrete overall. Reinforcing steel amounts to 5,732,019 lbs. (2,600,000 kg) and asphalt pavement comes to 26,160 tons (24,000 t).

A total of eight subcontractors are involved in the project. Major jobs are being completed by Hartford Steel Erectors, Windsor, CT; NY-Conn Corporation, Brookfield, CT; A. Laugeni & Sons, West Haven, CT; Enviromed Services, Meriden, CT; Santoro Seal Coating, Newington, CT; Safety Markings Inc., Bridgeport; Quaker Corporation, Cheshire, CT; and Concrete Cutting & Breaking, Albany, NY.

The Pink Project equipment list includes a Case 1085C excavator; two Badger 1085B excavators; a New Holland EW 220 excavator; a Kobelco SK300LC MRK IV excavator; a Case 1085B excavator; a Kobelco K916LC MRK III excavator; two Kobelco SK220LC MRK III excavators; and a Kobelco SK300LC MRK III excavator.

Cranes include a Grove AT400 22-ton (19.8 t) with a 70-ft. (21.3 m) boom; a P&H 50-ton (45 t) hydraulic Omega model; a Lorain LRT-330 rough-terrain hydraulic; and two gantry crane set-ups. A total of four loaders and 17 aerial lifts are also assisting in the job.

Blue Project

The Blue portion of the project begins south of the Fairfield/Bridgeport town line and continues northward to Wordin Avenue. It involves the relocation of Pine Street and the reduction of Cherry Street to allow for the substitution of a single span structure over Bostwick Avenue in lieu of the present multi-span viaduct.

The Blue Project is being constructed by M. DeMatteo Construction Company and the Brunalli Construction Company, a Joint Venture, Bridgeport. Robert Woodman is the project manager. Notice to proceed was given on Feb. 16, 2001, and the projected completion date is June 30, 2005. The total projected cost is $121.5 million.

The total earth excavation figure for the Blue Project was 94,172 cu. yds. (72,000 cu m) and borrow was 26,813 cu. yds. (20,500 cu m). Concrete for base was 35,315 cu. yds. (27,000 cu m), while the overall concrete amount was listed at 40,546 cu. yds. (31,000 cu m).

A total of 5.5 million lbs. (2.5 million kg) of reinforcing steel will be used for the project, along with 82,840 tons (76,000 t) of asphalt pavement.

A total of 37 subcontractors are working on the project. Major jobs are being done by A & S Saw Cutting & Core Drilling, Bristol, CT; Cook Drilling Corporation, Trevose, PA; Costello Industries Inc., Newington, CT; Earth Remediation Services, New Haven, CT; ADF Industries, Berlin, CT; Crown Steel Construction Inc., Bloomfield, CT; MRP Site Development, Lynn, MA; Rizzo Electrical Contractors Inc., Danbury, CT; Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming, Bloomfield; National Shoring LLC, Stonington, CT: Ravizza Brothers Inc., Berlin, CT; Santoro Inc., Newington, CT; Standard Demolition Services, Trumbull, CT; and Waters Construction Company Inc., Bridgeport.

The equipment list includes a Daewoo Solar 200 W-V backhoe, a Dynahoe model 200 backhoe, and a John Deere model 710 backhoe.

Cranes for the job include an American model 9270, an American 5300 70-ton (63 t); an American 7260 100-ton (90 t); a Drott RT hydraulic model 1800 18-ton (16.2 t); a Drott 5550 RT hydraulic 55-ton (49.5 t); a Grove RT 528B 280-ton (252 t); a Grove RT 745 self-propelled; a Grove RT 745 45MT; a P&H ATT 1190 all-terrain hydraulic; and a P&H Terex rough-terrain hydraulic.

The equipment list also includes a total of nine excavators, three dozers and a concrete paving machine.