McCloskey’s A-Series Trommels Offer ’Just the Basics’

Sun August 24, 2008 - National Edition

Two new trommel screeners from McCloskey International are designed to help small contractors and start-up operations achieve the productivity of McCloskey equipment with a more affordable initial investment.

The 412A and 512A portable trommels offer all the features of other McCloskey trommel screeners, but are supplied without some of the ancillary equipment that new operations may not require.

Paschal McCloskey, the president and founder of the company, said the units were developed to make McCloskey trommels the best choice for more screening operations than ever.

“This is a growing industry,” he explained. “We want to be part of the success story for new screening businesses right from their outset. These units will give start-up contractors just the basics to help them achieve the productivity they need to be profitable.”

The 412A and 512A do not include the integral radial stacker and side product conveyors usually packaged with other McCloskey trommels, but are engineered to the same standards as the baseline units for all McCloskey screening systems.

Standard features for the new A-Series trommel screeners include:

• 50 hp (37 kW) 4 cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine

• 12-ft.-long (3.6 m) rotary trommel drum containing 2 standard width screen panels — 412 model: 4-ft. (1.2 m) dia.; 512 model: 5-ft. (1.5 m) dia.

• Pintle hitch with ABS compatible axle and 18 ply tires

• 2.8-cu.-yd. (2.1 cu m) feed hopper with 30-in.-wide (76 cm) feeder belt, 9-ft. 8-in. (2.95 m) load height, variable speed hydraulic driven 6:1 gearbox

• 30-in.-wide (76 cm) extended fines discharge conveyor

• A fully enclosed, flashed chute directs the fines materials to conveyor with inclined surface and liner to reduce material build-up

• Self-cleaning rubber disc return idlers

• Ground-adjustable free-rotating nylon brushes

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