Work Continues on Final Section of I-69 Project

McLaughlin Spot D Tek IV Makes Orlando Cable-Ready

Sat January 27, 2001 - Southeast Edition

In the process of upgrading 800 mi. (1,287 km) of CATV main in Oscola and Orange counties, FL, Adelphia Cable Systems contracted with Michael Harford of Wiring Technologies, Altamonte Springs, FL, to install a particularly difficult section in an Orlando suburb at Town Center Boulevard and Orange Avenue.

Vermeer Sales of Orlando was given the specs on the project, and furnished equipment that could successfully complete the job. A Vermeer D 33- by 44-ft. (10 by 13 m) directional drill equipped with a 3.5-in. (8.9 cm) diameter drill head, and a McLaughlin Spot D Tek IV directional tracking and locating system to guide the bore. The drill head was fitted with a McLaughlin 9.5 KHz low interference directional probe especially made for use with the Spot D Tek IV.

The bore called for placing the cable within 1 ft. (.3 m) of a chain link fence which was on a continuous curve along the bank of a pond. The length of the bore was to be 515 ft. (156.9 m) at a maintained depth of 8.5 ft. (2.6 m). The directional drill was operated by David Casteel, a Vermeer specialist, and the bore was guided using a McLaughlin Mole Map IV remote monitor with on-screen “bore-in-progress” display. The “real-time” display instantly shows roll, pitch and yaw of the drill head, enabling precise control of left-right steering and bore depth. Other on-screen mapping functions show the number of rods installed, current bore length, and as a precautionary measure, probe temperature and battery life. No computer is needed on the job site when using the McLaughlin Spot D Tek IV receiver and Mole Map IV remote monitor.

Upon completion of the bore, the drill head was replaced with a 6.5-in. (16.5 cm) fluted reamer to enlarge the cavity as the rods were retrieved and the CATV service pulled through.

The Vermeer directional drill and McLaughlin tracking system performed well as a team in completing the 515-ft. (156.9 m) bore to specs in less than a day.

For more information, 800/435-9340.