Mohawk’s Two-Post Lifts Hoists Up to 30,000 Pounds

Wed July 26, 2006 - National Edition

Mohawk released its new two-post lifts, the TP-20, 26 and 30, available in 20,000, 26,000 or 30,000 lbs. (9,071, 11,793 or 13,607 kg) capacity.

The hydraulically equalized lifts, using a pair of overhead or optional in-ground hydraulic lines, have height adjustability for all types of trucks and utility vehicles up to class 6.

Its 5-in., double telescoping arm allows access under all passenger cars.

Also, the lifts are equipped with safety systems, including dual, all position mechanical safety locks, Mohawk’s hydraulic safety system, velocity fuses and pressure compensated flow control valving.

The lift’s automatic locking arm restraints engage the moment the lift begins to rise.

They are constructed with a 1-in. thick forklift mast, and both carriages ride on 16.4-in. double sealed, self-lubricating steel rollers.

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