Multi Machine Touts Ease of Changing Out Rubber Tracks

Fri August 15, 2008 - Northeast Edition

Multi Machine of Hampton, N.J., sells rubber tracks all across the nation to customers ranging from small contractors to large dealers.

“We ship all over the country using very inexpensive shipping, said Eric Druckenmiller, sales manager of Multi Machine. “We sell Summit and Traxter tracks, all high quality, guaranteed to fit, brand new and backed by a warrantee. Summit is our own exclusive brand, the quality of which many customers now realize and request.”

It is rare for Multi Machine to install the tracks, because, Druckenmiller said, “it’s no big deal to install them. Customers do it themselves. It’s easier than replacing tires.”

Multi Machine has tracks to fit any machine that uses rubber tracks from skid steers to mini excavators to all terrain carriers. “We have tracks in stock for over 2,500 makes and models of construction equipment,” Druckenmiller said. “We’ve doubled our inventory since last year to over $2 million.”

But tracks aren’t the only project in the works for Multi Machine. The company also is preparing to sell a new line of undercarriage parts. “We get a lot of requests for undercarriage parts, so it’s an answer to our customers needs,” said Druckenmiller. “We will soon stock sprockets, idlers and rollers for the undercarriages on skid loaders.”

Multi Machine also sells used equipment. “We sell mini excavators, skid steers, track dumps, aerial lifts, and other equipment from different manufacturers. We always aim to supply to our customers the best equipment for their jobs.”