Mustang Adds Joystick Option to Its Mid-Sized Skid-Steers

Wed July 26, 2006 - National Edition

Mustang Manufacturing Co. Inc., has added a new control option to its mid-sized skid-steer loaders.

The new dual joystick pilot controls for models 2076 and 2086 combines ease of use, precision and additional functionality.

Designed to be intuitive for the operator, the Mustang dual joystick pilot controls operate drive functions with the left joystick and loader lift/tilt functions with the right joystick.

Extremely low control efforts mean reduced fatigue for operators, many of whom spend many hours behind the controls of a Mustang skid-steer loader.

Push buttons on the controls offer additional functions. The optional horn and two-speed drive are operated by buttons on the left joystick; the optional Hydraglide Ride Control and float function are operated by buttons on the right joystick.

Hydraglide Ride Control, which is a load suspension system designed to stabilize the load when traveling at higher speeds and on rough terrain, comes standard with the new dual joystick pilot controls.

The system uses a hydraulic accumulator in the lift circuit to suspend the lift arm when transporting loads.

Skid-steer loaders equipped with the new controls will offer another advantage to operators — the ability to tailor-fit the controls to the operator by adjusting the positions of the two control towers.

The adjustment requires no tools and offers a broad range of positions.

To add functionality to the auxiliary hydraulics, operators using the new joystick controls will be able to use a yellow proportional thumb switch to control the variable-flow auxiliary hydraulic pump.

With this switch, the operator will be able to optimize the hydraulic flow for each attachment and application without the need to reduce engine and travel speeds.

For continuous flow, the operator moves the switch to the desired flow rate position and sets it by pressing a red trigger button. This allows continuous flow without the need to keep the switch pressed.

For grading and leveling jobs, the float function button can lower the lift arm to the ground and cause the bucket to follow the terrain.

As with the proportional hydraulic switch, the float function button can be locked into place (by holding it on for five or more seconds), thereby freeing the operator of the need to hold the switch in the “on” position.

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