New Holland Construction, Kobelco America Feature Online Calculator for 2009 Tax Incentives

Fri July 24, 2009 - National Edition

New Holland Construction and Kobelco Construction Machinery America have launched an online tool that makes it easy for new equipment buyers to calculate their potential savings through the Federal Government’s extended 2009 tax incentives. Possible benefits include the 50-Percent Bonus First Year Depreciation as well as the expanded Section 179 Expense Election, which allows companies to expense up to $250,000 in equipment purchases as long as they don’t spend more than $800,000 during the tax year.

“Being able to determine total expenses and prospective savings prior to making a purchasing decision is key to end-users, in particular in the current economic climate,” said Edgar J. Chavez, director of marketing for New Holland Construction and Kobelco America. “We want to provide our customers with a quick and easy-to-use tool to get this process started and calculate potential savings based on their approximate expense to purchase new equipment. This will enable them to make an informed decision about timing and financing for their new purchase in order to attain the best possible value.”

New Holland Construction and Kobelco America’s convenient online calculator, provided by CNH Capital, can be accessed at as well as The tool also includes a feature that allows buyers to compare different financing options available to them.