New Seat Material, Wood Finish Trim Part of Redesign

Tue September 16, 2008 - National Edition

Kenworth introduced new finish trim accents for cabs and sleepers on its Class 8 and medium duty conventional models.

The new seat insert material, called Marathon, includes a stain-resistant treatment and will be available as the standard for Kenworth’s Air-Cushion Plus, Air-Cushion Premium Plus and Steel Tool Box Plus seats, and for sofa beds in Kenworth’s 86-in. AeroCab and 72-in. AeroCab AERODYNE sleepers.

Kenworth will incorporate new wood finish trim accents, called Trust Walnut, on the instrument panel, header, doors and sleeper cabinets on Kenworth Diamond and Diamond VIT interiors.

“The high-quality, durable material for Kenworth’s proprietary seats, and attractive wood finish trim accents for our cabs and sleepers offer modern styling and provide a quality environment for customers,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth assistant general manager of marketing and sales.

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