New Tier IV Generators Available for Rent at Milton CAT

Wed April 11, 2012 - Northeast Edition

A Cat XQ500 generator, one of the new Tier IV line, leaves the Milton CAT yard.
A Cat XQ500 generator, one of the new Tier IV line, leaves the Milton CAT yard.

According to company spokespeople, Milton CAT, the Northeast and upstate New York Cat dealer, has Tier IV generators available for rent and has already placed several at customers’ locations.

“We have taken delivery of packaged diesel units that are certified to meet national EPA Tier IV interim emissions standards and we have customers who have already taken advantage of this,” said John Banks, Milton CAT’s manager of generator rentals.

Banks added that remote operations such as rock quarries and asphalt plants that need generators either because they have no access to utility power, don’t get enough power from a utility, or find producing their own power is more cost-effective, may be affected by the 2011 EPA emission standards when they go to rent power. Other customers including construction companies looking to rent for standby or emergency power also may want to be able to specify a unit that complies with the latest EPA regulations, for environmental, customer relations and overall public relations reasons.

Milton CAT emissions specialist, Sten Levin explained that the new EPA regulations call for dramatic reductions in nitrogen (NOx) emissions, hydrocarbons (HC) and particulate matter (PM). According to Levin, the new standards vary based on the power category of the engine, call for the use of ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), and require that the engine be certified.