Ninth Rebuild Center Opens for Roadtec

Thu August 31, 2006 - National Edition

With the recent opening of the Orlando, FL, location, nine Roadtec rebuild centers are now operating across the United States.

Pavers, milling machines, material transfer vehicles and soil stabilizers of any brand can be repaired, upgraded or completely rebuilt at these locations, or off-site.

Roadtec is offering free inspections of older equipment to help owners evaluate whether rebuilding is the right choice for them.

Robert Cates, manager of the Rebuild Program, said, “Owners may be able to get many more hours of profitable run time out of their older equipment. We will evaluate their machine free of charge and make suggestions for repairs and rebuilding according to the customer’s business goals.”

Roadtec Rebuild Centers are located in Markle, IN; West Monroe and Shreveport, LA; Chattanooga, TN; Des Moines, IA; Grand Rapids, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Muncy, PA; and Orlando, FL.

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