NYE Concrete Pulverizer Has Four-Positioned Ripper Feature

Mon March 17, 2008 - National Edition

National Attachments Inc.’s extreme service digital concrete pulverizer crushes pre-cut cast or cast-in-place concrete, asphalt, rock, pipe, decking, and airport tarmac and is ideal for in-place demolition or implosion clean-up.

The four-positioned ripper provides maneuverability, operating much like a human index finger, yet has the power to rip, pry, manipulate, sort and position any material. Convertible, with a live back jaw to increase crushing forces, this tool was designed to process concrete of all forms.

The integrated ripper feature enables the machine operator to easily position the machine and pulverize efficiently from top to bottom, cutting time and operational costs.

The operator also can manipulate material from the rubble pile and square it to the pulverizer jaws for instant crushing, according to the manufacturer.

The pulverizer is custom fabricated with 100,000 psi quenched and tempered multi-alloy Swedish steels with hardened pins and bushings throughout.

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