NYE Stump Harvester Chews Through Big Projects for Warihay Enterprises

Fri December 30, 2005 - Northeast Edition

The people at Warihay Enterprises in Manheim, PA, are a diversified group, by anyone’s measurement.

Started by Rob Warihay Sr. in 1972, sons Rob Jr., and brother Dave, along with 15 other employees, operate an enterprise that performs such services as landclearing, grinding, bulk loading, mulching, topsoil services and bulk salt.

The family also owns and operates a 300-acre farm.

The Warihays manage these diversified challenges with an arsenal of more than 75 different pieces of equipment, and that inventory is growing, according to Rob Warihay Jr.

Recently, Warihay Enterprises ordered a brand new NYE stump harvester from Eric Dupee, forestry product specialist of National Attachments Inc., its fourth attachment purchase from National Attachments over the past 12 months. The application is an aggressive, 6-acre landclearing contract, tight deadlines complicated with an array of stumps, roods and debris.

“We are using this NYE harvester to pull up massive roots, busting [splitting] big logs, and essentially performing all of the challenges associated with an aggressive landclearing project.

“This extreme-duty product is saving us time and money, and when necessary, I can replace the teeth and blades. Frankly, this product is out-performing any other product we have used for this function,” said Rob Jr.

“I recommend National Attachments and Eric Dupee to anyone who asks me. Eric is extremely honest, and is the most service-oriented salesperson I know.

“Recently, we were faced with a challenge on a job over a weekend, and Eric was servicing us, on his cell phone on a Saturday night. One of my closest friends just purchased their first thumb from National Attachments, and I am certain they too will become repeat customers.”

For more information, call National Attachments at 800/839-9981 or Warihay Enterprises at 800/551-5858.