NYE XCP2 Pulverizer Jaws Welded, Not Pinned, In Place

Fri February 23, 2007 - National Edition

The NYE XCP2 Series heavy-duty concrete pulverizer is designed to outperform conventional hydraulic units in both primary and secondary crushing operations.

The new XCP2 Series features:

• hardened alloy pins and bushings,

• thicker steel for increased strength and durability,

• improved crushing geometry,

• replaceable AR500 crushing jaws that are welded in, not pinned, so they cannot fall out and jam the crusher and

• optional ripper shank for picking, prying, lifting and flipping heavy slabs.

NYE pulverizers are easy to install, require no extra hydraulics and offer simple, safe, almost silent operation.

Quick coupler and pin grabber models also are offered by the company.

For more information, call 905/897-2311 or visit www.nye.ca/pulverize.