Ohio Attorney General DeWine Issues Opinion on Truck Weights

Wed January 30, 2013 - Midwest Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has issued an opinion on the 7.5 percent weight tolerance for vehicles hauling aggregate on Ohio’s public highways and streets. In part it states:

“The term ’surface mining truck,’ as used in R.C. 5577.043(A)(1), means a ’vehicle’ as defined in R.C. 4501.01(A), used to haul minerals upon Ohio’s improved public highways and streets.”

This definition is important as several local law enforcement agencies had claimed that a “surface mining truck” was a larger truck that hauled aggregate within a plant property such as an articulated haul truck or a 100 ton (91 t) ore truck.

Much of these claims were based on images obtained from “Wikipedia” or “Google” searches online. The simple clarification that a “surface mining truck” is indeed a “vehicle” should eliminate any future issues.

For more information, visit www.oaima.org.