Paving Issues Addressed at Symposium in Mechanicsburg

Wed September 07, 2005 - Northeast Edition

On July 28, 2005, approximately 50 key players in the central Pennsylvania paving industry attended the first in a series of paving symposiums in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Featured speakers included Dale S. Decker, of Dale S. Decker LLC; and Tom Skinner, of Skinner Consulting Services. Various other Ingersoll-Rand personnel spoke, including Michael O’Day. Mike Scotese, Dirk Heims and Dale Starry.

O’Day opened the event by welcoming the attendees and giving a session overview. Decker then gave an overview of the industry, discussing topics that included the state of the industry, issues the paving industry faces and mix designs. Skinner presented best paving practices covering operations from the plant to the mat. Both speakers set the stage for the presentation of Ingersoll-Rand equipment and how it best serves the constantly changing industry.

Scotese presented new paver technologies, which featured the new highway class tractors. Heims presented new screed technologies and displayed the new line of screeds, including tamping screeds. Starry presented new compaction technologies, which included solutions from all manufacturers.

The symposium ended by looking forward to the future. Scotese made the final presentation, addressing Ingersoll-Rand’s future technologies for milling, transfer devices, paving and compaction.